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Mobile Mutts has been providing dog walking and cat sitting for over twelve years. Our experience really shows! We value safety first. All of our employees are fully insured so you and your home are protected. In addition, we conduct full background and reference checks as a part of our vigorous hiring and training process. Simply put, our walkers are the best in the business.

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Charles was born and raised on a farm in upstate New York where he grew up with lots of furry family members, including dogs, cats, guinea pigs, ferrets, bunnies, birds, and a horse. After graduating college with an engineering degree, Charles spent a couple of years in his brother’s restaurant/catering business, then began a career in software development and management consulting. After rediscovering his appreciation for the impact that animal buddies can have on our lives, Charles is thrilled to be running Mobile Mutts. His mission is to provide caring support to pet parents and their four-legged children, while creating an amazing work environment for the Mobile Mutts team. Charles lives with his wife and two human children (who are all crazy about animals) and a small menagerie including a dog, cats, and two guinea pigs.

Grace K

Director of Office Management

Grace is a born and bred New Yorker. Although she maintains lofty dreams of the countryside and owning land for all of her future animal pals she remains a tried and true city gal. She knew at the ripe old age of 3 that someday, somehow animals would be a regular part of her life. She's lived throughout the years with a variety of different animals including dogs, cats, rabbits, and horses. She studied audio engineering at the Audio Engineering Technological Institute. Prior to walking dogs she worked in the field of developmental disabilities as a music therapist and continues to work at a small bike messenger bag company called Vaya Bags where she helps design and sew bags. On her off time, she's usually thinking rather obsessively about how to live her life in a way that makes her happy. She enjoys sifting through records at record stores, reading, coffee, cooking with friends, making things for people she likes and spending time with her better half Boon, her pittie pup who she adopted after fostering her through our rescue Motley Mutts. Boon is has become one of our resident office pups and helps out anyway she can around the office.

Sandy R


Sandy Rivera was born and raised in Jamaica, Queens. While growing up the apartment was too small for big animals, but her family welcomed in a dozen parakeets, a couple of hamsters, mice, fish, and an adorable albino rat. While traveling to El Salvador Sandy learned to ride horses, milk cows, chase pigs, and feed chickens. These experiences sparked a big love for animals and when Sandy moved out on her own she visited an animal shelter and fell in love with two malnourished kittens, Taihen and Rah Rah, whom she fostered and later adopted. Sandy majored in Digital Media in college but has worked primarily in offices after graduation. She hopes to go back to school to further her studies in art, and perhaps pursue her childhood dream of being an art teacher. Or maybe even a mangaka! In her free time Sandy enjoys drawing as well as reading comic books, playing video games with her boyfriend, watching anime and creating nerdy crafts for her friends. Sandy also loves supporting creativity and attends as many friends' concerts and functions as she can. You might catch Sandy at a comic book convention, or taking a walk in the rain.



CJ was born in The Bronx, NY, where they were raised with five siblings: three humans, and two tiny dogs with HUGE personalities. After high school CJ spent four great, but unfortunately doggy-less years in the mountains of Vermont, where they studied creative nonfiction at a small liberal arts college. Before working with Mobile Mutts, CJ worked as a dog handler at a busy dog daycare for two years. When CJ is not managing the office, caring for cute pups or daydreaming about cute pups, they spend their time reading, writing, doing LGBTQ archival work and staying active by skateboarding, biking and hiking.

Josh F


Josh was born and raised in New York City. He grew up with 3 siblings, in a 2-bedroom, with 1 poor mother, and all the pets they could convince her to keep. One of his favorite stories to date is the time mom had to hunt down the evil escaped Monitor Lizard, Harvey. (Spoiler alert: she caught it, they were both ok, but neither of them was happy about it.) From hermit crabs to pit bull-labs, his love for animals has always been an important part of his life. After achieving a degree in Graphic Design, he did a bit of soul-searching, luckily ending up right where he belonged. When he isn't petting pooches or making friends with felines, he can be seen attempting to garden, painting a place that doesn't exist, and, if the moon is full, trekking off to some remote location with nothing more than a full backpack, a friend, and a map.

Brad L


Brad was raised in Greensburg, PA in a household full of animals - cats, dogs, birds, fish, rabbits, hamsters and various reptiles. He even helped his veterinary assistant mother care for sick animals from time to time. After relocating to New York City in 1999, Brad earned his income running various video stores and cafes. Eventually he grew weary of the retail grind and decided to put his love of animals to good use. Music is also a huge part of Brad's life, as he DJ's around the city and compulsively keeps himself up-to-date on the latest genres and trends. He loves going to shows, especially if it's to support one of his many musically talented friends. Currently residing in Bushwick, Brad spends his free time playing an inordinate amount of Scrabble, following his beloved Pittsburgh Steelers and Penguins, and keeping his cats Mingus and Monkey out of trouble.

Moyna S


Moyna hails from Baltimore, Maryland. She has always loved creatures of every shape and kind, and spent most of her childhood pleading with her parents for various exotic pets. At one point she lived with two fire-belly toads, a cat, and a guinea pig. Despite her love of unusual animal friends, cats and dogs have been her longest standing companions. She currently lives in Brooklyn with a sweet Tabby cat who loves to interject when two or more people are having a conversation. When not giving out belly rubs to her four-legged pals, Moyna loves baking vegan treats, and watching K-dramas with her cat.

Casey M


Originally from Binghamton, NY, Casey grew up surrounded by ferrets, and spent her summers volunteering at the zoo. She moved to New York in 2009, and has been living in Astoria ever since, with two large rescue cats who have so many nicknames she can barely remember their real names. In her free time, Casey likes reading books that her former lit professors would hate, being terrible at video games, and slowly getting all of her cat-owning friends to say, "I swear, s/he only does that when you're around."

David K


David grew up in Coral Springs Florida with many dogs, cats, fish, and turtles that he cared for at all times of his childhood, till he was 15 and moved here to NYC. His hobbies are drawing and finding new music. He has worked at a groomers and dog kennel throughout high school, then worked in bars and restaurants before realizing working with animals is what he wants to be doing. David is pictured here with Lucky, his rescue kitten.

Gustavo R


Gustavo comes from a small town in Puerto Rico where he grew up. From a young age he had love, compassion and care for every animal he came in contact with. After finishing high school he went to the University of Puerto Rico to study Political Science. While in college he helped every dog or cat he saw in need. In Puerto Rico this is a problem with abandoned animals and Gustavo worked to find them homes. Gustavo moved from Puerto Rico looking for new adventures and what better than walking the pups and taking care of the kitties in Brooklyn.

Austin K


Austin is from Indiana and was lucky enough to receive a best friend for his 11th birthday - a cock-a-poo named Charlie who never left his side - even on bike rides. He attended the School of the Art Institute of Chicago where he studied animation. After college he traveled the world performing electronic music and eventually landed in Bushwick NY where he lives with his Chihuahua, Buddy, animating and making music together.

Kirby K


Kirby was born and raised in Chicago, IL and currently resides in Ridgewood. When she’s not taking care of her furry friends, she spends her time singing and writing music! Kirby grew up with the constant presence of her own dogs and has been pet sitting for family friends and neighbors since she was 12. She currently lives with her beloved dog Buddy, a super sweet long-haired chihuahua! Kirby has been a professional dog walker and cat sitter in NYC for the past four years. She has lots of experience with dogs and cats of all shapes, sizes, temperaments, and special needs and loves them all to pieces! She is so excited to be joining the Mobile Mutts family and can’t wait to meet and take great care of your fur babies!

Maddie A


Madeline grew up in Salt Lake City, Utah surrounded by a zoo of foster cats, big dumb dogs, a few birds and a passing rabbit. As a lover of all pets on the personality spectrum, Madeline can't wait to get to know every pet's individual quirks. They have always loved the challenge of earning the trust of even the most stubborn dogs and cats, usually with extreme patience and lots of treats. They feel on top of the world when a particularly difficult pet imparts affection on them. When they aren't wiping dog slobber off their face, you can find Madeline creating art from street finds and organizing clothing swaps showcasing all the clothes they find on the street.

Cortnie B


Cortnie was born in a very small town in Kansas, but soon after moved to Phoenix, Arizona. Growing up, her family always had an assortment of family pets, ranging from hampsters and dogs to beta fish and salamanders. In 2009, after 25 years in the desert, she decided to head to east to find out what the snow and freezing cold felt like. ‍ When she’s not spending time hanging out with pups, Cortnie enjoys fishing in Jersey, reading anything about history, playing guitar and watching way too much Bob’s Burgers. She also loves to travel, anywhere and everywhere she has the chance to go!

Tak Yiu T


Tak has 12 years of experience caring for dogs. He started working as a dog walker since his second year of high school. Tak used to take care of different animals back in his country. He lived with 5 puppies, 3 dogs, and 1 cat when he was young. He loves to run with dogs and loves to play with cats. Tak also has a lot of experience with senior, rescued, and disabled dogs. He takes good care of the animals and pays attention to their moods and needs. Tak loves all animals, especially dogs and cats. He is comfortable with all breeds and sizes. Tak loves to walk and can walk dogs all day for fun! He has gone on many adventures searching for stray animal hideouts on the streets. He knows many different places that the dogs and cats would hang out in. Tak used to play with animals at the ASPCA. He learned to administer oral medication to dogs and cats. He can also handle injections for cats. Providing daily exercise for high-energy dogs is easy for Tak because he really loves to walk. In his free time, Tak enjoys art and making sculptures. He appreciates New York's creative features and the opportunities being here gives him and his artistic pursuits in the future.



JJ was born and bred in DA' SOUTH BRONX, where cats, dogs, hamsters, birds, and even a boa constrictor were considered as family and treated with the highest form of protection and loving care, above and beyond even the care of his own family! He spent most of his career as a photographer, shooting events, portraits, and Fashion Week. He decided to put down the camera momentarily and pick up a leash and began his dog-walking journey in 2008, self-employed, with clients in the Gramercy Park, Chelsea, and the Lower Eastside,neighborhoods, all while attending Brooklyn College majoring in Filmmaking. However, a call from A&E Television Networks would change everything, and JJ was cast as a principal cast member in a fashion makeover series entitled "B.O.R.N. to Style. Which meant JJ had to drop everything, and sadly. turnover over all his beloved babies to the care of highly regarded and well respected colleagues, in order to dedicate his time to production on 14 episodes, and a once in a lifetime adventure. But with television, one day you're in and the next, canceled. Heartbroken, JJ and his partner of 27 years, Ted, moved to Florida with their two babies in tow, Marlo and Bebe, mother and daughter, their beloved kitty girls. While there JJ found work as a photographer at a wildlife center and worked with beautiful Hyacinth Macaws, Flamingos, Lemurs, Sloths, and Squirrel Monkeys, and even BABY GOATS!! After 3 years of living in Florida, New York called out "COME HOME JJ!!", and he heeded the call without question! JJ now lives in Brooklyn and in his spare time you could probably catch him either in SoHo, The LES, or on Madison & 5th aves, searching for fashionable and stylish subjects to shoot on his iPhone for his hashtag #StyleCues.

Corina S


Corina is a Brazilian artist recently relocated to the U.S. She grew up surrounded by dogs, and she is a go-to for dog sitting among her friends. She loves spending quality time with her furry buddies and is passionate about understanding each dog individually. To help her do that, she has participated in intensive dog behavioral workshops and is always seeking new training on pet psychology. Corina is a loving person who cares for pets and has her own pup named Eva. The fur babies can count on a lot of TLC when in her care.

Walter F


Walter was born and raised in Greensboro, North Carolina. A place surrounded by farm animals and where every household has at least one big dog! Upon moving,to the NY in 2012 to continue his work as a professional saxophone/woodwind player, he has been searching for a place to love and care for the animals he misses so much. Walter found that place here with Mobie Mutts!!! Walter looks forward to meeting all of our wonderful furry families!

Naquan D


Naquan, or Nae for short, was raised in New York City and has always been lucky enough to have furry pals around from a very young age. Nae's mom had a 12 year old great dane name Charlie, along with his uncle's blue and red nose pitbulls. Naquan has two furry pals of his own, a 7 yr old French Mastiff named Mila and a 15 yr old Yorkie named Rico. Nae first found out about dog walking after graduating from Art & Design High School and hasn't looked back since. He looks forward to putting a smile on your furry children's faces each day!

Hannah L


Hannah grew up in Cornville, Maine, with many dogs, barn cats, and pigs. In 2006, she graduated from the University of New Hampshire with a Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental Horticulture. With an interest in biology and ornithology, she enjoys hiking, traveling, and tree climbing. In 2005, she studied abroad in Cork, Ireland, and for a short time in 2008, she lived in Lihue, HI. ‍ Hannah has lived in New York City since November 2008 and has worked for Mobile Mutts since 2010. Hannah helps to train new walkers joining the team.When she’s not having a blast walking dogs, she’s probably baking pies, cookies, or scones. As an arts enthusiast, she loves movies, music, and dance performances, but she is particularly obsessed with live theater. Her favorite New York pastime is finding tickets to Broadway shows at discounted prices.

Ju C


A Queens native, Ju grew up with several kitties running the household. A born cat worshipper, Ju was only a casual puppy observer from afar. But after years of careful investigation she has finally come around to loving them just as much as cats. These days she spends much of her time adoring her two kitties Mini and Panda, who were adopted from a feral mother. Inspired by the kindness and strength of each amazing animal she has met, she hopes to create stories and perhaps find time to cook, run, hike, travel, lounge in the grass, read and dream.

Ron R


Ron lived in Manhattan's Spanish Harlem with a dog, hamsters, birds, and fishy friends before moving upstate. Surrounded by creeks, forests, and mountains, Ron developed a passion for animals and nature as a teenager. In 2014 they graduated from Binghamton University with a degree in Anthropology. As a kid, they used to think that there were only two types of people in the world (as it pertains to pets) : dog people and cat people; but after making fast friends with some wonderful cats during adulthood, Ron is firmly planted in the middle of the spectrum as both a dog and cat lover. Ron now lives in Brooklyn with their fluffy feline friend, Boss. When they're not walking dogs or visiting cats, they enjoy spending time rollerblading at Prospect Park, listening to opera, and playing board games with friends.

Rebecca R


Rebecca was born and raised in Flushing, Queens. She has been surrounded by animals from a very young age and plans to keep it that way! She currently resides in Flushing with her two doggos, Jake and Delilah, and her beloved leopard gecko, Scully (queue the X-files theme song.) When she's not walking the greatest pups in Brooklyn you can probably find her in her room buried in a true crime novel.

Adriana W


Adriana is a native New Yorker, back in the five boroughs after nearly a decade in New England. There, she was known as a go-to pet sitter amongst her friends and colleagues. Now that she’s back in the city she’s making plans for a pup of her own! When she isn’t out walking, Adriana can be found working on several freelance graphic design projects, reading mystery thrillers, or checking out the latest contemporary art exhibit.

Gianna M


Gianna grew up in the North Country area of New York, where she had many dogs and cats and lived walking distance to farms and nature trails that she would often visit. It seems there is a family tradition of adopting stray or recently homeless pets and she could not be happier with the characters who have followed her home. She went to school for illustration, first at École Parsons à Paris and later at SVA. When she’s not spending time with some fabulous pups she’s making comics and t-shirts, skiing, or traveling.

Leslie F


Leslie has lived in New York all her life, but dreams of eventually relocating to sunny California. You can find Leslie scooting around Williamsburg or Chinatown skate park, or fishing in Prospect Park. She loves adventure, drawing cartoons, and reading comics. She has a pet poodle named Copi who lives with her mom, who is a bit more of a sibling than a pet (and in general she views all pups and kitties as furry little brothers and sisters). She loves all those who bark and purr! Leslie is working on her nursing degree through CUNY.

Max P


Bio coming soon!

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