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hey guys,

I’m super sad to say, Cooper will no longer need walks :(

In moving, it’s pretty unbelievable that whether Mobile Mutts was in range was a talking point with most of the apartments we saw. You guys are all that good. From communication, to the walkers, it’s the best business I’ve ever gave a dollar in my life. Please let everyone know not to change a thing. I’ll truly miss you guys, and will see you some day when we are back in the neighborhood hopefully!
— Ryan
Just wanted to thank you for arranging for Brit to watch Jerry this past weekend. It seems like they had a great time and Brit left a very detailed and nice note about all of their adventures. thank you!
— Emily
Just wanted to say what a wonderful experience this has been working with you guys, I absolutely loved all the notes too.

I’ll make sure to write a fabulous review on Yelp as well. Thanks you soooo much to Allison and Sarah and all of you there!!!!
— Jen
We just got back and read all of Hannah’s notes. It really is great to have you take care of our little friend, Jaggi. He always seems happy when we get back from vacation or holiday. And Hannah’s notes made us feel that there was a good protectress of our little guy while we were away visiting family. And her notes are really funny to read, too! We are so glad you trudged through the snow to feed our Jaggs.

Anyway, just wanted to send a big note of thanks to Hannah. Many happy wishes to you all at mobile mutts. Thanks for everything you do.
— Megan, Tim and Jaggi
Let me take just a very brief moment to thank mobile mutts for all the excellent service over the last few years. It has been an absolute pleasure working with the team, which we have gotten to rely on and trust. As Belinda mentioned, we are moving to London for work - we could be back in Brooklyn in a few years. Thanks again for the service for the past few years. My hope is we will find a dog walking service over there that is half as good as yours.
— Ken
Thank you Mariah :) Rachel is awesome! I’ve met her a few times and I love her and so does Maggie! Thank you so much, I don’t know what I woud do without you guys. I’m grateful that you take such good care of Maggie.
— Dan (and Maggie)