Dog Walking

- Experience: The most experienced service in Brooklyn.

- Availability: Available 365 days per year, we take same-day requests and we don't charge late cancellation fees or charge extra for last minute requests (weekends and holidays excluded).

-  Management: Our full-time managers are available to answer any questions you may have, help with scheduling and anything you might need on a daily basis.

- Always Covered: If your regular walker is sick or on vacation, we have fully trained, experienced, fill in walkers ready to take over for the day.  

- Fun Walks: When we walk your dog, we will take him or her out to exercise, socialize, get fresh air and of course do his or her business :)
- Safe Socialization: We take care matching your pup to walking buddies he/she will enjoy walking with.  We never walk more than four dogs at a time.

- Safety: We never tie your dog up outside unattended. 

- Email and a Note:  You will also receive an automatic email after the walker marks the walk as complete through our system.  This email will let you know what time the walk was completed.  And you will return home to a note with the details from the walk. 

Weekday Dog Walking Rates:


One dog, 30 min, small group walk - $18.50 for three or more regularly scheduled walks per week. 

$19.00 per walk for less than two walks per week.

Please add $7.50 for each additional dog.

15 min, 45 min and 1 hour walks are available by request.

Weekend & Holiday Walk Rates:


We are available every weekend and all holidays.

Weekend, 30 min walks are $26.00
Please add $4 for each additional dog.

Holiday walks, including the full holiday weekend are $31.00*
*Plus a $5 surcharge on Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day.

Puppy Visits/Walks

For puppies who haven't had all of their shots and aren't cleared for group walks, we can provide puppy visits.

A puppy visit is a solo visit and includes everything your puppy needs; a quick trip outside (if your vet approves), changing the wee-wee pads, playtime, feeding lunch, love and attention, etc.

Then once your puppy is cleared for group walks we can help transition them slowly to full group walks. We always go at your puppy's pace and will introduce them to their new walking buddies only once they are ready. We also take great care in matching all the pups to buddies they will enjoy walking with in a safe manner.

Puppy Visit/Walk Rates:


Inquire for rates. Discount are available for two visits per day.


Solo Walks

We provide solo walks for pups with special.  Please inquire if you need solo walks.

We are always happy to provide solo walks on a short term basis to current clients with special needs (i.e. injury, special instructions from your vet, recovery from surgery, etc), please email or call for details.


Solo Walk Rates:


Weekday 30 min, solo walks, one day - $24.00

Please add $7.50 for each additional dog.

(See weekend and holiday rates above.)

Shorter and longer walks are available by request.

Pet Sitting

We offer in-home pet sitting to our regular dog walking clients.

We'll be happy to cater a care plan that works for your needs. Please contact us for details.

Pet Sitting Rates:


Please inquire about our pet sitting rates. 


Free and Discounted Foster Dog Walks

How it Works:

If you have a dog of your own and pay full price for their walks and you are fostering a second pup, we will walk your foster dog for free.

If you have a single foster dog, discounted walks are available.

This applies to weekday walks only.  Weekends/holidays are charged at the regular rate.

Please note that all dogs must pass our criteria for group walks. Feel free to email for details.

Foster dogs can come from any organization but we will need confirmation from the organization that you are fostering.


Our rates are nonnegotiable and subject to NY State Sales Tax (8.875%).
We accept AMEX, VISA, MasterCard and online checks.  We do not accept Discover, cash or physical checks.